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Happy Sushi is located just off of El Camino Real in Santa Clara, that offers a surprising and unique take on the Japanese superfood so lovingly known as sushi. Like most places, Happy Sushi serves up traditional rolls (like the salmon roll pictured above) that can be found at most sushi spots, but what sets it apart from the others is its sushi rolls topped with delectable scallops. Yes, scallops. You know, the seafood with a savory texture you just can’t get enough of once you sink your teeth into it?


So what’s so special about that? Well, for one: you’ll be hard-pressed to find places in Silicon Valley serving sushi with scallops. And secondly, scallops are not really a well known ingredient for sushi. Like, really? Scallops? But Happy Sushi has made me think twice about what I think sushi should be, especially after enjoying those scallop-topped sushi rolls.

Price wise, Happy Sushi charges $8-$18/roll depending on sophistication and the atmosphere reminds me of a scene from Karate Kid. The part where the kid kisses the Yukie. Except its brighter inside, and there isn’t any wind to wisp your hair around.

Overall, I do recommend Happy Sushi for its scallop rolls and the bento-boxes (plate meals) are also delicious.

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