Taylor Stitch Swiss Dots Button-Up


Style is a funny thing. It all means something different to each person. For myself, I like the minimal approach: blue jeans, a v-neck tee, and a comfy pair of sneakers or slippers. That’s on my off days. But on my workdays, I swap my kicks for some loafers and my v-neck tees with either a solid color polo or a not-too-busy button-up. This still allows me stay true to my style with a minimalist approach.

So, when I came across the Swiss Dots Button-Up by TAYLOR STITCH, the first thought that came to mind was “I gotta have that.” Inspired by a popular fabric technique in the 70’s clothing called coupé. In the US, its called Swiss Dots and its created by dragging unfinished cotton into the weave of the fabric. This technique adds dimension to the button-up in a stylish yet refined way. Overall, so looking forward to adding this to my repertoire.

Taylor Stitch is located at 383 Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission District, between 14th & 15th St.

[image via Taylor Stitch]

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