The Dash by Bragi | Wireless. In-Ear. Highly Mobile Headphones

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The Dash by Bragi is the World’s first wireless in-ear headphones that looks like it came from the future. The Dash, although small, is jam-packed with features: an MP3 player (music sourced by either your smartphone or its internal memory able to play 1000 songs), an earbone microphone for tele/communications, “magical” technology inside to track your physical performance and body vitals, more than 3 hours of music playback* w/ a charging time of less than an hour, capacitative touch-interface, and an open developers environment to realize all of the Dash’s potential – all in a completely wireless, in-ear headphone system.

Its rare to find tech nowadays that is both original and innovative, but the Dash happens to slot itself in perfectly. And dare I say, executing headphones in a new and revolutionary way. In fact, Bragi has set the bar so high with the technology inside the Dash, thinking about all of its possible uses (even opening up development), that its gonna be an extremely tough act to follow. That’s why I like the Dash. It’s the #futurenow and I foresee a future in which we effortlessly communicate with our gadgets, like how its portrayed in the movie H.E.R. (except I hope we do not have the same disconnect to our own human existence); a symbiotic relationship between human and tech. And with the Dash, it looks like we’re headed in that direction.


[*info and images via Bragi]
[***disclaimer*** I am a backer of this Kickstarter project because I think its so awesome!]

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