The Razor to rule ALL RAZORS!


What is Dollar Shave Club? That was the question that came to my mind hearing the advertisement on the radio. I was thinking to myself that a razor only costing a dollar can’t be better than the name brand razors out there. But, when I thought about how expensive the cost of these name brand razors and how much it broke my pockets every time I bought a replacement cartridge. I said to myself what do I have to lose?



The story behind the establishment of Dollar Shave Club was by two guys that were ticked off at the cost of razors. “Why pay for $15-$20 Razors every time?” They felt that we don’t need fancy high-tech razors to shave. The motto was to keep things simple. So, they teamed up with some of the world’s leading blade manufactures to create 2, 4, 6 bladed signature razors.


So, I went to to get a little bit more information what this company was all about. I must say, that I was really impressed by what they had to offer. The prices of these razors were cheaper than name brand razors. They had different plans for you to choose on what kind of razors you prefer to shave with. They had a 2 blade razor called the humble twin that cost a dollar a month. Not only was a dollar a month but it came with 5, 2 blade replacement cartridges. You would get 5 replacement cartridges for a dollar a month?! I couldn’t believe it. Then there was the 4X. It’s a four bladed razor that came with 4 replacement cartridges for only $6 a month! Then last but, not least the Executive Razor. This was a 6 bladed razor that came with 3 replacement cartridges a month for only $9 a month! The look on these razors didn’t look like cheap generic brands. These razors look like the real deal. So, I ended up choosing the 4X deal because it was the most popular choice.


As, I got my razors I couldn’t believe the quality of the product. The razors that I have purchased looked like the type of razors you would pay $15-$20 at the store for. From the handle to the razor, this looked pretty sweet for the money I spent. These razors looked too good to be true. But, looks can be deceiving the only thing to do left is to shave. As, I did my daily morning routine for a week I was impressed. I must say from the beginning to the end of the shave, this razor is does a clean job. I compared it to my Mach 3 razor and this razor is on par.




If you’re tired of breaking your pockets every time you have to go to the store and get those replacement razors then this is a sweet deal. What you get out of the dollar shave club razor is not a name brand razor, but a razor that gives you a clean shave, and money being saved in your pockets. Knowing that, I don’t need some big name brand razor to get a clean shave makes me happier. Also, getting replacement cartridges every month, or every other month saves me the time from going to the store. If you are looking for the same quality razors like Gillette and Schick for a cheaper price then this razor is for you.

Dollar Shave Club


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