The Apple iPad Mini. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. (w/ Retina Display)


Tablet computers never made any real sense to me. I mean, its not a full-on computer nor is it a phone (both to which I already own). Confusingly, the tablet lies somewhere in between the two – just a bit more powerful than a phone, but not quite as powerful as my laptop. That’s why I never really found a reason to get one. I mean, why would I need one? What would I use it for? These were the riddles that tickled my brain when tablets first came out.

There was a brief glint of hope, though, when I was really considering a tablet. It was when Apple announced a smaller version of the iPad, called the iPad Mini“So, what you’re telling is that its an iPad? But with a smaller form factor and is cheaper in price? I’m in! But, it was a first iteration product, and the specs weren’t all that pleasing to me. So, again, I waited, knowing that something better would be just around the corner. Other devices would enter the tablet space, but none of them really impressed me. That is, until I saw the unveiling of the Apple iPad Mini w/ Retina Display. Powerful, easy-to-use, AND it’d play nice with all my existing gadgets? Yes, please!

The new Apple iPad Mini features a new Retina display (boasting more colors than you know what to do with), improved iSight and FaceTime HD cameras, an A7 chip with 64-bit architecture (think power), 10 hours of battery life, and improved Wi-Fi performance using 802.11n with MIMO.3, and more. Not bad for someone stepping into the tablet game for the first time. So, which one will I be going with? Well, if I am able to put an order in, then most likely the 16GB Wi-Fi version in Black. Why wi-fi? Do you see how internet-connected we are here in Silicon Valley? And 16GB is more than enough memory for me to handle the day-to-day. Can’t wait. Its about time.

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[Hat Tip The Verge]

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