The Superbook by Andromium | Make Your Smartphone More Super


Android Users Andromium, a San Francisco-based hardware company, is about to take your smartphone to the next level with the Superbook. The magical next level happens when you connect your Android smartphone to the Superbook, transforming into a complete laptop setup. From there, you can do all teh internet thingz, work on documents, and even play games. Features of the Superbook include 11.6″ HD Display, all-day battery life from full charge, multi-touch trackpad, backlit keyboard, and data/Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity via your smartphone.

The Superbook is $99, making this laptop “shell” accessible to alot of poeple. The user-base for the Superbook is primarily Android users, but Apple iOs users may benefit from dual-monitor capabilities. Overall, the Superbook is a great way of doing mobile work in a laptop-kind of way.

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