The Team of Destiny: San Francisco Giants Trophy Tour

Giants Jpeg

Having a chance to view and take a picture with the San Francisco Giants 2010 & 2012 World Series trophies was an opportunity I couldn’t miss this time around. As, I look back and remembered the San Francisco Giants winning their second World Series Championship in the past 3 years has gone by quick. I could remember, like it was yesterday when the San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers.

After missing the 2010 trophy tour, I knew there was no way I would miss the 2012 trophy tour. Honestly, coming to this type of small event is a once in a lifetime thing. The trophy tour wasn’t an extravagant show with fireworks or a lightshow. It was just a chance for us fans to view and get a picture with the World Series trophy. In a blink of an eye it went by fast when I got my chance to be around these priceless trophies. Coming to view these trophies was well worth my time and for others who came to view it too.

As the count down to the 2013 Baseball season began, I look forward to watching The Team of Destiny to defend the title once again and prove why they are called The Team of Destiny!


San Franscisco Giants Website

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