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The L must stand for love. Or, lust. Either way, you’re going to be having sex. And if you do, you’ve got to be safe. That is where This is L, a San Francisco based condom company with a cause, comes in (no pun intended). But a condom is a condom is a condom, right? Not quite. This is L differs in that its message is essentially to support women globally by focusing on their sexual empowerment and or every condom purchased, one is distributed in a developing country [1]. But enough about saving the world. You want to have sex. And you want to have sex now. How do This is L condoms help you? Good question.

Condoms are only useful if you happen to have them on hand and a real convenient that This is L assists you in having condoms ready-at-the-helm is by providing a service that’ll discretely deliver condoms to you in an hour. Yes, in one hour you will have condoms in hand and ready to go. Its worth noting though, that you’ve got to be living in San Francisco or Los Angeles to benefit from the one-hour delivery service. I’m sure there are plans to grow this service into other cities, but for now – only SF and LA. Overall, there are a lot of choices for condoms out there, but if its condoms with a cause, you can count me in. And out. And in. And out…


About This is L

L. is a condom company with a cause; to support women globally by focusing on their sexual empowerment.
We create the highest quality condoms for the modern consumer in safety, comfort, and design. Our brand represents a movement for consumers’ choice to support better sex, a better cause, and a better world. Core to our company mission, L. partners with development organizations to support women and HIV/AIDS prevention. For every condom purchased, one is distributed in a developing country.

L. was founded by Talia Frenkel, a photojournalist whose coverage of the effects of HIV/AIDS on women and girls inspired her into action. After working extensively as a photographer for the Red Cross and documenting humanitarian crises around the world, Talia was struck by the preventative nature of the epidemic and was driven to create a sustainable solution.

[via 997 Now]

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