Thud Rumble: Invader is Making me Itch


Ah, ya. The life of a DJ. Short for disc jockey, as the name suggests, the life of a DJ is intertwined with turntables, and on those turntables are mixing and scratching of records to blend and create new sounds and music. For the folks that live and love the DJ lifestyle, then it’ll come as no surprise that DJ’s have evolved to become bearers of epic musical moments and epic good times.

But the life of a DJ was never easy. Why? Because there was so much stuff to carry along. In the beginning of a DJ’s life in a galaxy far away, music had to be carried in a format called records. And if you had gigs and needed to play a bunch of music, you would have to have a large collection of music – that you had to carry with you on gigs. Now, these records would come along with you in crates, and if you had a 1000 records and a max of 50 could go in each crate, then that’ would equal hella crates to take with you. Count the mixer you would have to bring, and your turntables, and let’s just say it would take a whole day event just to bring your gear. Then, music turned digital – records transmogrified into mp3’s and the DJ world as we knew it changed forever.

To continue in this legacy, Thudrumble has created the Invader, a mix of mixer and computer all-in-one that will make a DJ’s life more convenient. Convenient because now you can have all your music and mixer all in one place. Ah, ya.

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