Top Dog | Hot Dogs Never Tasted THIS Good


Looking for the best hotdogs in the East Bay? Then, I recommend you make a trip out to Top Dog. They serve delicious hotdogs straight off the grill on a warm and toasty bun complete with your choice of toppings. What makes Top Dog a cut above the rest is the variety of hotdogs they serve: Frankfurter, Kielbasa, Calabrese, and my personal favorite, the Chicken Apple. Them ‘dogs are smackin’ during lunchtime and definitely hit-the-spot late night.

But just where does Top Dog sit in the entire hotdog spectrum? Probably somewhere between the time after the first hotdog cart was created and way before the gourmet hotdog became popular. Or, perhaps on a whole other level on its own. Most likely at the top. In my my eyes, anyway.

P.S I was going to take a photo of my delicious hotdog, but I ate it. Looks like you’ll just hafta experience that for yourself *wink

Update: check us out on Diablo Magazine’s Instagram Snaps of the Week. Thank you!

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