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THIS WEEK: 594 Apparel

Make your way to 594 Apparel to find out more and grab your tees here.

Since 1998, the 594 Brand has been delivering quality designs and has created a cult following across the nation. 594 Apparel’s success is credited by loyal conscious minds who represent on a daily basis as the street artist within his/her landscape. 594 provides the message of the people- the word of truth, designs by and for the street-level intellectuals. Thank you for support and keeping the 594 brand alive through the years.

594 Apparel’s street art influence can be found within its name. 594 is penal code for vandalism. 594 Apparel was created to allow street artists to express themselves without the risk of detainment. The street wear brand caters to those of interest in extreme sports, music and dance.

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