TrendSpot | Dapper Street Style by Rap Sarmiento

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THIS WEEK: Dapper Street Style by Rap Sarmiento


Outfit breakdown

Grey Sports Coat with Elbow Patches – Zara
Grey Trousers – Obey
Pastel Blue Sweater – Banana Republic
Blue Tattersall Shirt – Zara
Paisley Pocket Square – Zara
Wingtip Brogues – Skin Shoes via Jackthreads
Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

About Rap Sarmiento

Blogger bio: Born and raised in San Francisco, Rap is driving stick-shift in his own lane of creative pursuit. Armed with his iPhone, he makes the world his runway. He is a PR and marketing consultant and multimedia lifestyle content producer working with Bay Area fashion and entertainment businesses such as 31 RAX, Sloane, and All Mighty Family. Rap is the founder and editor of The Rap Star Life, a Menswear and Lifestyle blog. He will also be launching his own line of tees this summer so stayed tuned!

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