TrendSpot: “LOVE, DANA”

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THIS WEEK: “Love,Dana”

Gunmetal Spike Choker ;(signature necklace) ;from “Love,Dana”
Gold Skull High-Low Tank Top
Maroon Leggins
Cream Knee High Socks
Black Knee High Boots
Denim Outter Top
Urban Outfitter Purse

Gold Studded Navy Chiffon Blouse from “Love,Dana”
Grey Skirt
Tan Coach Heels

Love, Dana was established on August, 2012. Creator and lead designer Dana Pham of “Love,Dana” loved having the idea of a style that has an edgy and classy look all at the same time. Dana’s use of studs with lace, studs with chiffon tops, studs with everything and anything was her idea giving her clothing an appealing look for women. Dana’s influence for her to create her own unique style was because there were no retailers out there that were able to comprehend her vision of what today’s modern fashion should be like for women.

Dana began her online store to give those consumers and fashion connoisseurs a different look to wear in the fashion world. Everything is created with care by Dana herself. Hence, the name: Love, Dana was born.

To Follow Dana Pham you can reach her @
Instagram: @danaphan
Twitter: @danaphan


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