TrendSpot: Men’s Hand Bags, Satchels, and Purses – Should Men Carry Them?

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THIS WEEK: “Handbags for Men”

Bag Noun: a container of flexible material w/ an opening at the top, used to carry things.

Is it a fashion do or fashion don’t for men to carry handbags? For years, women have benefitted a lot from doting around with fashion’s most inventive creation, helping them to carry everything from makeup to money and iPhones to intimates. As men, we too are becoming more burdened to carry more and more stuff, but sadly, we still yet to find a convenient place to put everything in. Sure, we can always put our wallet and cellphone and keys and pens and notebook and camera and [insert gadget here] into all of our pockets, but how bulky would that be? The alternatives do provide some salvation, but aren’t always ideal. Backpacks make us appear less professional, and hipsters feel less hipster-ish carrying a suitcase and/or laptop/messenger bag. And the fanny-packs? Forget about it. That’s why I think women-styled bags (see image above) make perfect sense. The combination of size, style, and functionality make the bag an ideal accessory for men to carry around. And it looks like I’m not the only one to think this way.

Men in China are feeling more empowered to carry handbags around, seeing it as a status-symbol. Meanwhile, men in the UK carry handbags around like its something they’ve always done. And what is this I see? Men in New York are starting to embrace handbags that can carry all of their belongings? Style has a way of threading its influence to the World and its only a matter of time before bags become a staple for men’s style in the US. Remember those skinny jeans? And what about Gangnam Style? It’s just a matter of time.

So, is it ok for men to carry handbags around? I say YES. And although men carrying handbags may not be a big thing in the US now, I’m gonna bet that you’ll be seeing guys carrying handbags like mine around eventually. It may not be tomorrow…the day after that… or, the day after that. But eventually. Until then, what do you think? Should men carry handbags? Sound off in the comments and please SHARE this post.

Jacket: H&M
Button-Up: Guess
Jeans: Levi’s
Kicks: Puma
MAN-(HAND)BAG: Forever 21

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6 thoughts on “TrendSpot: Men’s Hand Bags, Satchels, and Purses – Should Men Carry Them?

    • I will admit, the handbag must have that perfect look for more folks to embrace the idea of carrying one. Predicting more folks will carry one in 2013!

  1. Don’t need it. Gadgets are getting smaller and thinner these days that you can’t really notice them bulge out in your pockets. It’s easier not to carry around a man purse unless you’re carrying around drinks and want to go hands free. Otherwise, it’s a waste.

    • And that’s exactly my point. I do agree that our gadgets and accessories are becoming more sleek and compact, but I do see the issue of super-bulging pockets arising. For example: laptops will soon be long gone, replaced by tablets and tablet-looking smartphones. And cash is being set aside in lieu for plastic cards. Where does one put all of this? I’m thinking purse…

  2. I do agree with it. Handbags should also be used by men. More things can be put on it and its easy to carry. Its called fashion and all you have to do is embrace it.