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THIS WEEK: The Slim “Down” Jacket


There’s something about 50° that just makes us Californian’s run indoors for a warm cup of cocoa and blast our heaters to a balmy 80°. Why bother going outside when the indoors is just so cozy. Well, if you do happen find yourself making your way outdoors to brave the cold weather, you do have options. You can either (a) wear that jacket you always take with you whenever you hit the slopes, (b) wear a big, puffy jacket that breathes when you press against it, or (c) wear the latest trend to hit the streets – the slim down jacket.

There are a bunch of great options out that are red hot right now and we’ve made a short list of our favorite that range in price points. Check it out:

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down and the Northface Goose Down

H&M Down Jacket and Puma Fill Down

And of course, the Nike Aeroloft Summit 800 Down

And there you have it. Stay warm and stay stylish, Bay Area!

[images via Uniqlo, Northface, H&M, Puma and Nike]

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