Twitter x TV | Live Streams and Tweets for All to See

Watch TV. Tweet.

Watch TV. Tweet.

To tweet is fine, but to do that while watching a live stream is divine.
@edopeno (Twitter handle)

Twitter announced the introduction of live streams to its world-famous messaging client. Whether your on your smartphone or at home watching on an Apple TV – you’ll now be able to watch football, tweet out your thoughts on the game, and do it all on the same damn screen. Now all of you will be able to “hear” me scream at the television via tweets. Like that one time when Carlos “El Guapo” Hyde of the San Francisco 49ers ran it in for a touchdown straight flexin’.

But what I look forward to most are the conversations we can all have in real-time during while we watch a few of our favorite teams.

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[photo by Ed Penano]

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