Why Do I Want Kids? CosPlay


Sorry to tell you this Hun, but when we start having kids, my heart won’t be set on what our child may grow up to be or what aspirations they may have. Oh, no. Instead, its going to lie heavily on what we can CosPlay them in next.

I know. I know what you may be thinking. “Why on Earth would you want to CosPlay our child when we have Halloween?” And you’re right. Why am I even bothering talking about kids in the first place? After all, I know we are still planning our Wedding. Its probably too soon to start thinking about kids. But I wanted to ready you for what’s in store for Us. Our Future. And our Kids. Isn’t that what a relationship is all about? Thinking and talking about the Future? Our Future?


Having said that, I wanted to let you know where I stand when it comes to kids. How thoughtful am I?!?

Image via Metro Dad

Ever since you and I got together, its been an Ocean of Awesomeness. The places we’ve been. The food we’ve eaten. The things we’ve seen. Its been one AWESOME adventure after the other, after the other. And I am LOVE-ing every single minute of it.

The memories are so plentiful, that I feel like I can ride on the River of Our Memories – forever. Crazy, right? How could I even begin to tell you what’s been my most favorite? There is just too many. But I have to at least try, ya?


One memory that stands out most in my mind has probably got to be San Diego Comic Con. Do you remember it? The Sea of People? All draped in CosPlay splendor? Wasn’t it AWESOME? And isn’t that AWESOME-ness something you want to share with yOur kids? Maybe in a few years, OUR kids could be parading around in their CosPlay, with scores of people just begging to photograph our little bundle of joys. I can only hope – that our kids’ CosPlay will be half as good as the ones we’ve seen. And with you by my side, I bet it will.

So Hunny K, whenever we decide to have a Lil’ K or Baby Edo of our own, just remember the reason why I wanted to have kids in the first place: the CosPlay.

Now imagine if we had a boy…


Can’t wait. Luboo.

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