World Reknown CosPlayers Created as Comic Conquest Characters


Jeff Matsuda is joining forces with Sleepy Giant Entertainment and Free Lunch to bring forth Comic Conquest, a free-to-play tactical RPG adventure set in a giant comic and sci-fi convention in which costumed fans have been transformed into the characters they portray. Ok *pause*

Could you imagine if that happened in real life? That would be pretty awesome, right? Now, imagine this happening at San Diego Comic-Con with all the most epic CosPlay-ers you’ve ever seen – all in one place. Now, how epic would that be? Well, that may have been the very inspiration for the characters in Comic Conquest because in the game itself are actual IRL CosPlayer’s who tour Worldwide in epic cosplay – that are featured in and have been transformed into video-game form. And did we mention that they come complete with an arsenal of bad-assery? Can’t wait!

There are two Cosplayer’s who have been manifested into Comic Conquest that happen to live here in the Bay Area and we wanted to point them out to you. Check ’em out and until then – Just Cos!

Vampy Bit Me


Abby Dark-Star


For more Comic Conquest characters, go here.

[via Kotaku]

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