Your Coffee Cups | Bikini Clad Baristas Serve Coffee in Cups

Can’t talk. Haven’t had my coffee yet” may soon be replaced by “Can’t talk. Haven’t picked up my jaw off the floor yet” after you get your coffee fix at Your Coffee Cups – a coffee shop based in the Warm Springs district of Fremont, California. Like all other coffee shops, Your Coffee Cups serve pastries, smoothies and above all else, a steaming cup of hot coffee. And although the coffee is served hot, the baristas who serve that coffee are even hotter. This is what sets Your Coffee Cups apart from other coffee shops. The baristas serve coffee in bikinis. Yes, bikinis. And there are even Theme Days. Did we also mention the cup sizes? We’re talking coffee cup sizes and they come in “B cup” (12 oz), “C cup” (16 oz), and “D cup” (20 oz) options. So if you’re ever in Fremont and looking for a steaming hot cup of … coffee, have one of the super-friendly baristas at Your Coffee Cups serve you up!


[img via Your Coffee Cups]

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4 thoughts on “Your Coffee Cups | Bikini Clad Baristas Serve Coffee in Cups

        • Well I can’t compare it to coffee I’ve had in Italy. It just cant compare.

          But I will say its way better than the quickstyle places we have around here.

          Having said that, it still has a ways to go to catch up with the big chains.