YouTube Capture | An Easier way to Share Videos from your iPhone


YouTube Capture is the latest App creation from Google where you can upload and offload videos from your iPhone to YouTube, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter all at the same time. You also have the option to share your videos privately with friends and family for, you know, those times when you don’t want to share your videos to the world.

So how does YouTube Capture stack up to all those other video apps? One word: They’re Google. For me, Google stirs up feelings of limitless possibilities. Like: “Zomg, they’ve got endless resources!” and “Is there anything they can’t do?” And remember that one time in app-camp where Google delivered that Map App better than them? YouTube Capture is looking like another hit from Google.

Notable features include: touching up videos with color correction, video stabilization, video trimming, add music to your video with tracks provided by YouTube, and now uploads will run in the background. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Download YouTube Capture on iTunes and find out for yourself.

YouTube Capture [Image Concept via The Verge. Cracked screen via Me. Will fix via this link]

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